Sunday, September 26, 2010

No rhyme or reason (random moments in late summer/early fall)

Emma and K enjoying their ride in the teacup on the carousel.

Mommy and K

Baby Samuel enjoying the outing to BridgeStreet.

The girls playing in the fountains for probably the last time this year.

Copying her daddy

"Dees!" (cheese)


K pickin' cotton




All the grandchildren on my side of the family.


Balancing on the beam all by herself at the Little Gym

What little monkeys!

Helping Daddy start the play set


Taking over the project

Getting distracted by bugs in the grass. ;)

Determined to lift her side.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beach Bums

Due to the lovely oil spill in the Gulf, we decided that we would pack up, drive 11 hours, and visit Myrtle Beach, SC this year instead. Sam's dad, John (otherwise known as Pa-Pa) went with us too. I was a little hesitant about going this year because I wasn't sure how K was going to react to the beach. However, no need to worry, this time was great! K REALLY loved the beach and the ocean too. We had to stay close and be ready to go in at any moment because she would go straight for the water (ocean or pool). The first day in the ocean the rip currents were really strong, so we weren't able to get to far out or let go of K even where the waves rolled onto the beach. By the end of the week, the hurricane that was due to hit the NC coast was getting closer and was causing high waves, it was awesome! K loved the pool even better because she wasn't held onto all the time and could play better with others. Our week consistented of the beach  and pool (of course), a trip to Ripley's Aqarium, and shopping at all sorts of places. While we were in SC, we also drove down to Charleston and were able to visit with my father-in-law's family. We enjoyed our time in Charleston and seeing all the family (we wish we were able to see them more). It was neat to see another side of the US for a change, but I have to say, I really favor the gulf. The beach there had gray, shelly sand and gray murky water. I prefer to see the white sand with blue-green water that you can see through. Other than that, it was a great family vacation!