Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well, as you can tell, KEA survived her first Halloween. The week before, we had our photographer take some pictures of her in her costume and dress because we knew that we wouldn't get many (if any) good shots of her the night of due to all the things going on. Boy, we are glad we did! She was so sleepy and it was too cold to stay outside for long. She didn't know quite what to think about the other kids running up and yelling "trick or treat"-some she smiled at and some she would start to pout. Nevertheless, she was too cute in her flower costume (as short lived as it was Saturday night) as she practiced going trick or treating herself to three of our neighbor's houses. She was way more interested in all of their spooky pumpkins on their porches and her own candy bag (that lights up and makes a scary laugh when you press the side of it) than the people, but now we can say we experienced it. :)


  1. I just love her big smile! She is so smooshable. And that flower costume is priceless!

  2. AWWWWW....... she is growing to fast! And those costumes, ADORABLE!

  3. So precious! What an adorable little flower.