Saturday, February 27, 2010

The rest of February

These pictures were taken by me one lazy afternoon. The dress that KEA is wearing was mine and my sister's when we were little. Rae, my neice, had pictures in it when she was about 1 year and now it was K's turn. My sister is about to have another little girl in May and we will see if the tradition continues. :)

We were getting ready to go to a baby shower for a really good friend of mine from high school. KEA looked so cute in the dress, I couldn't pass up the chance to share!

KEA's first Valentine's Day! She loved playing with the heart shaped boxes that the candy came in from the kids at school. We had a family Valentine's lunch at Newk's and then ran some errands, nothing too big. We played at home and just enjoyed our time being together.
What can I say, I love my family... :)
(Outfit courtesy of her "Aunt" Jess)

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