Saturday, May 29, 2010

Party, Party, Party (well, just two really)

First, was our youngest nephew's (on Sam side)

What a good daddy! She wanted in so badly! It was sprinkling out, so not many of the parents were getting in to get right back out if it really rained.  

Second, was her BFF's 2nd birthday.

She looks sweet and innocent, but...

P showing K her new dolly and trying to share with K. How sweet!

K taking and running with P's new dolly. (Yes, we have the mean child...ha, ha)

Daddy interfering and giving P's new doll back to her. :)

Today was a busy day! We had two birthday parties to go to and one short nap in between. Whew! Poor K, she really thought that the doll was hers because we have the same one at home. She didn't understand why P kept it. It ended up okay though, she was fine when we left. We had to distract her with a cookie to get her out of the clubhouse. :)

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