Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bouncing, Bubbles, and balls galore!

We enrolled K in a toddler gymnastics class at The Little Gym and it couldn't be more perfect for her! She is constantly on the go, so she needed a place where she could release her energy and interact with some more kids her own age. In the last couple of weeks, she has learned to do a forwards roll, a backwards roll, walk on a balance beam, grasp and hold onto the bars, use the mats, and move on the tumble track (all with a little guidance, of course). We learn two new skills every time we go and she is so eager to learn each of them. I really like her teacher too! She knows the kids and understands their attention span, so she is always ready for the next step. So far, we have played some musical instruments, bounced balls, tossed scarfs, blown bubbles, tumbled, climbed, danced, and sang songs. What more could you ask for with toddlers?!?   

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