Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bunnies, eggs, and ice cream...

Last Easter was well...okay, so I don't remember much (K was only 2 weeks or so old and at that point, I was running on fumes I'm sure).
However, this Easter was great! There was lots of good food, wonderful time with the family, and all sorts of fun things this year. Even though our egg hunt was rained out, K still loved all the eggs, bunnies, and treats that she found around our house, in the yard, and at Aunt Cort's. On top of all that, she was introduced to a few new things this year like chalk, chocolate, and G-da's famous homemade vanilla ice cream.
She didn't want to be picked up for a picture again.
She was fussing at us for interrupting her chalk time!

Ice Cream...


Daddy and K

Caeson "teaching" K not to eat the chalk, but to draw with it. ;)

Kissing her piggy egg-She absolutely loved them! Thanks Mrs. Patti!

Looking for more eggs in her bean bag chair.

Showing Daddy her kitty cat eggs. :)


  1. She is so cute! She has gotten so big. I can't believe she is already walking. Summer is just around the corner and then you can spend all day with Kynsleigh :)

  2. So Mrs. Patti was the culprit! I swear, that was the cutest idea ever! Love the outfit! Did your mom make that one?