Friday, April 2, 2010

K's 1st Birthday Celebration!!!

Beat from the long day! Just relaxing on her new princess couch/sleeper.

One last slide before bath time and bed

All her toys

"Yuck! Not this stuff again!"

Besides those two fingers that grazed the top of the cake, she didn't touch it this time around. I think she remembered the cake from her 1 year picture session.

All my little helpers during gift time ;)

The drink table (and my dad...supervising)

The kid table

Yes, the birthday girl is taking off her shoes and socks!
Why do I even bother dressing her!?

The big cake

K's cake

The food table

She woke up that morning ready to go, so we showed her one of her presents-the Princess Coupe Car. She immediately went over it to and said "wow." She loved it! We pushed her around while she had her morning cup of milk. Talk about spoiled!

Her birthday plate
(done by her mommy)

Her birthday party was a BIG success! She had many friends and family members come to show their love and join the celebration of her first year. The food was great, the kids played well, and we made it through without any tears (neither one of us ;) he, he). She really didn't know what to think about all the people around her, but I have to say, she didn't seem to mind and enjoyed the extra attention! She wasn't sure about us singing to her and looked at us as if we had lost our minds, but all in all, I think she enjoyed the serenade. :)

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  1. So sad we missed all the fun. :(
    The cakes are made that plate???
    The first picture cracks me up! LOL